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Prayer Line Phone Dial-in Numbers: (641) 715-3670 (code 350355# for daily prayers @10:00 pm ET). Youth Line (code 427526# Saturday @1:00 pm ET), Rosary Line (code 891970# @ 9:00 pm ET, 1st Sat @12:ET). The Playback Number is: (641) 715-3669 (same codes).
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OR Connect to the Prayerline for FREE (if ask to pay) using backup#. Dial 857-957-1147, then enter 641-715-3670# & code 350355#

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Ever since I joined the Hearts of Jesus and Mary ministries, It has been from one breakthrough to another.
Indeed the presence of God is in this prayer line. To him be glorified. Amen!!
sis Sophia

I wish to give thanks to God Almighty for the gift of the Holy Spirit prayer line and his founder Brother Uwakwe.

Ever since i joined the Holy Spirit Prayer line, my spiritual life has been positively affected as i allowed myself be open to receive Graces (physical and spiritual healing) granted through It.
Saint Louis Marie De Montfort, considered as a great prophet of Marian consecration said on his book entitled True Devotion to Mary : ”The strongest inclination to Mary is to unite us to Jesus Christ, her Son; and the strongest inclination of the Son is that we should come to Him through His Holy Mother” because, ” it is an easy way. It the way which Jesus Christ Himself trod in coming to us, and in which there is no obstacle in reaching Him”. Thank you Holy Trinity for the Hearts of Jesus and Mary Ministry.

Sis. Marie


Upcoming Events

  • 04Dec

    1st Sat RosaryMary Prayerline (call 641-715-3670, code 891970# 12:00 PM

  • 04Jan

    1st Sat RosaryMary Prayerline (call 641-715-3670, code 891970# 12:00 PM

  • 04Feb

    1st Sat RosaryMary Prayerline (call 641-715-3670, code 891970# 12:00 PM

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